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Yacer's USB powered portable multi protocol converter lauched



The Yacer introduces ultra-small, ultra-thin portable converter HDLC-USB, supports USB power supply, provides 2 multi-protocol asynchronous serial port, 1 10/100M Ethernet port, realizes protocol conversion between serial port and Ethernet port.

Serial port supports RS-232, RS-422/485 full duplex, RS-485 half duplex, providing working modes such as HDLC protocol, TCMS, UART, BIT stream, etc.



●  Network communication between trains and locomotives (TCMS)

●  Conversion of Primary Radar, Secondary Radar and ADS-B Data Transfer for ATC

●  Controlled ATM (ATM)

●  Air Traffic Control Automation System (ATC)

●  Controlling Data Acquisition

●  Portable applications

●  Embedded Applications

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