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20Mbps ! —— Yacer Lauched Hi-Speed Serial Communication products


To meet the requirements of high-speed serial communication for users in specific industries, the Yacer introduces multi-protocol serial communication products, providing 2 or 4 channels of asynchronous serial port, supporting HDLC, synchronous BIT streams, and asynchronous UART working modes.

In synchronous mode, the maximum baud rate can be up to 20Mbps.

Supports HDLC ultra-long frames, up to 8192 bytes.


SDLC-PCIe Hi-Speed Synchronous Serial Card

●  Dual or quad RS-232 synchronous and asynchronous serial ports

●  Full-duplex, with the baud rate up to 128 Kbps

●  Synchronous HDLC, Asynchronous UART working modes

●  PCI Express x1 specifications, compatible with x8, x16 and other PCI Express slots

●  Intelligent processing, without the host resource occupancy

●  15KV ESD protection


●  Industrial wide temperature

SDLC-ETH Hi-Speed Serial Ethernet Converter

●  One 10/100/1000M Ethernet interface

●  Four RS-232/422/485 synchronous/asynchronous serial ports, Baud rate up to 20 Mbps

●  Synchronous HDLC/SDLC, Asynchronous UART, Bit stream

●  NRZ, NRZI, DBPL, Manchester and Differential Manchester encoding formats

●  15 KV ESD protection

●  4 ~17 VDC wide voltage power supply



●  Protocol conversion between the serial port and Ethernet 

●  Ethernet Bridging function between Ethernet interface and serial port

●  Conversion between synchronous and asynchronous serial ports

●  Multiplexer of serial ports

●  High-speed synchronous/asynchronous serial data communication and conversion

●  Telemetry, measurement and control data acquisition and transmission

●  Satellite, radio data transmission

●  Air Traffic Control (ATC), Air Traffic Management (ATM)


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