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Release of embedded communication module——Smaller size, lower power consumption


To facilitate user integration, the subscale introduces the embedded communication module LCM-160, which is only 62 mm x 50 mm in size, and is especially suitable for embedded custom applications.

Single 3.3V power supply, less than 1W power consumption.Industrial wide temperature, vibration resistant design.

The 2.0mm pin interface provides the following communication interfaces:

●  1-way 10/100M Ethernet PHY

●  Two-way multi-protocol USART (asynchronous serial port) supports HDLC, UART, BIT streaming and other working modes

●  2 UART (Universal Asynchronous Serial Port)

●  2 High Speed CAN Interface

●  1 SPI bus interface




●  Customized Application

●  Embedded Applications

●  Conversion of Primary Radar, Secondary Radar and ADS-B Data Transfer for ATC

●  Controlled ATM (ATM)

●  Air Traffic Control Automation System (ATC)

●  Train locomotive TCMS

●  The Train Communication Network (TCN)

●  Data Collection


The subbook also provides LCM-MB160 development boards to help users perform functional validation, performance evaluation and rapid development.


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