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ATC data communication server HDLC-ATC lauched —— Dual network dual power redundancy


The Yacer introduces HDLC-ATC air traffic data communication server, which provides 4, 8, 16 different and identical serial ports and 2 10/100M Ethernet interfaces.It can be used to generate or access synchronized data of primary radar, secondary radar, ADS-B and other devices of air traffic control, and realize HDLC, UART, TCP/IP protocol conversion.

1U, 19 inch standard rack chassis, low power consumption, no fan, high reliability design, support AC/DC power redundancy.

Main features


●  Two 10/100M Ethernet interfaces supporting Ethernet switching, VLAN, dual IP functions

●  4, 8, 16-way asynchronous RS-232 serial port

●  Supports synchronous HDLC protocol, asynchronous UART working mode

●  1U, 19 inch standard rack chassis

●  Power redundancy support for AC+DC

●  Low power consumption, no fan design


HDLC-ATC supports secondary development. It can build in data processing module developed by users, and realize a series of functions such as data access, format conversion, data processing in a 1U standard cabinet, thus forming a more powerful and complete product.


HDLC-ATC can be used as an alternative to HDLC-2800, an earlier product in the subbook, with the following upgrades:

●  Multiple port choices for 4, 8, 16 routes to minimize user purchasing costs

●  5x performance improvement

●  Controlled asynchronous serial mode support

●  Double IP Address Mode Support

●  Redundant power support

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