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HDLC-ETH Serial Ethernet converter upgrade


The HDLC-ETH protocol converter, which is popular with ATM users, has been upgraded again. The new version uses a more robust aluminium housing, has a 20-year service life, and provides SNMP and notification functions to support ATM centralized monitoring system.

Subbook HDLC-ETH protocol converter provides 2 or 4 RS-232 asynchronous serial ports and 2 10/100M adaptive Ethernet ports for protocol conversion between serial ports and Ethernet ports.

Compact size, +12V power supply, industrial wide temperature.

Main features:

●  Two 10/100M Ethernet interfaces supporting Ethernet switching, VLAN, dual IP functions

●  2, 4-way asynchronous RS-232 serial port

●  Full duplex, up to 250 Kbps

●  Supports synchronous HDLC protocol, asynchronous UART working mode

●  < 15KV ESD protection

●  Power supply + 12V, industrial wide temperature


Ordering information below:


RS-232 Port

Ethernet interface


2 x Asynchronous Serial Port

2 x 10/100M


2 x Asynchronous Serial Port+2 x synchronous serial port

2 x 10/100M



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