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New embedded communication module - HDCL-LCM-200 / 400


Album introduces HDLC-LCM-200, HDLC-LCM-400 embedded communication module, which provides 2 or 4 channels of multi-protocol asynchronous serial port to support HDLC protocol.At the same time, two 10/100M Ethernet ports are provided to realize the protocol conversion between the serial port and the Ethernet port.

●  2.0mm pin connector, compact size.

●  Power supply with +3.3V and low power consumption.

●  Industrial wide temperature, suitable for embedded custom applications

Main features:

●  2-way 10/100M Ethernet PHY

●  2, 4 channels synchronous serial port, supports HDLC protocol, supports NRZ, NRZI encoding format

●  Two Universal Asynchronous Serial Ports (UART)

●  Power supply with +3.3V, power consumption as low as 2W

●  Industrial Wide Temperature

●  2.0mm pin connector

Applicable to:

●  The Train Communication Network (TCN)

●  Train locomotive TCMS communication

●  Air Traffic Control Surveillance System, ADS-B, Secondary Radar (SSR) Signal Generation and Access

●  Air Traffic Control Automation System (ATC), Air Traffic Management (ATM)

●  Asynchronous Serial Data Transfer and Conversion

●  Embedded applications, custom applications

The introduction of HDLC-LCM-200/400 has improved the low power consumption embedded communication product line.

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