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Breaking the 19.2k limit of radar distributor - 250kbps synchronous serial port splitter launched

Because of the high data refresh rate of ADS-B receivers, 64Kbps baud rate is the basic requirement for ADS-B data transmission. If the delay jitter caused by bursts is reduced, at least 128Kbps baud rate transmission bandwidth is required.
Radar allocators are often used to share data between radar and ADS-B in air traffic data networks.However, the radar allocator for large-scale use in the field of air traffic, such as PSD-4 from BlackBox, RSD-10 from PSD-8 and RAD, supports only 19.2 Kbps at the highest baud rate, which is far from meeting the requirements of ADS-B data transmission.


To solve these problems, Nanjing Album introduced HDLC-RSD high-speed synchronous serial splitter with a maximum baud rate of 250Kbps, which can support 9600, 19200, 38400, 115200, 64K, 128K baud rates adaptively.

HDLC-RSD is an active data allocator with two models:


Primary Port



Power Supply


RS-232 + RS-422

8 x RS-232

1U, 19 inches

AD+DC redundancy
HDLC-RSD-400 RS-232 + RS-422 4 x RS-232 Compact chassis DC 12V


HDLC-RSD has the following characteristics:

●  Baud rate up to 250Kbps, supporting 64K, 128K, 9600, 19200, 38400, 115200 and so on

●  Supports synchronous HDLC, asynchronous UART

●  Controller-free, easy to use

●  Home port supports RS2322, RS422

●  1U, 19 inch standard rack chassis or compact chassis

●  Alternative AC+DC power redundancy support

●  Low power consumption, no fan design

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