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Support ATC automation ABC three network redundancy - new version of HDLC-ATC-1600 launched


With the large-scale deployment of secondary radar, ADS-B and other equipment in the ATC monitoring system, in order to meet the access requirements of more channels of radar data in the ATC automation system, the new product HDLC-ATC-1600 is introduced in the Album ATC Data Server product.
The HDLC-ATC-1600 provides 16 HDLC synchronous serial ports in a 1U standard 19 inch chassis, providing the highest serial density in limited space, thereby reducing the occupancy of user room space.


HDLC-ATC-1600 provides three Ethernet interfaces to seamlessly support the ATS ABC triple network redundancy architecture (primary, backup, emergency).

The HDLC-ATC-1600 uses SoC, the most advanced technology currently available, which improves performance significantly and reduces forwarding delay compared with similar products.The power consumption is only 1/5 to 1/10 of the traditional products, which not only reduces the power consumption of the room, but also enables the product to achieve fan-free design. In addition to the advantages of silence, the fan-free design can also improve the reliability of the whole machine by a magnitude.

In addition to synchronous HDLC serial port, HDLC-ATC also provides asynchronous serial port support to access empty tube QNH, GPS, AFTN and other data.


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