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Smaller and stronger! ---SDLC-SCM core board launched


The Yacer SDLC-SCM embedded communication module, provides 4 high-speed synchronous/asynchronous serial ports to achieve the protocol conversion between synchronous HDLC and the asynchronous UART.

2.0mm pitch male expansion connector, small board area. +3.5V~17V power supply, low power consumption. Industrial wide temperature, suitable for embedded customized applications.


●  4 synchronous/asynchronous serial ports, Baud rate up to 20 Mbps

●  Synchronous HDLC/SDLC, Asynchronous UART, Bit stream

●  NRZ, NRZI, DBPL, Manchester and Differential Manchester encoding formats

●  RGMII Gigabit Ethernet Extension supported

●  +3.5V~17V DC wide voltage power supply, Industrial wide temperatu

●  Small board area, Low power consumption



●  Conversion between synchronous and asynchronous serial ports 

●  Protocol conversion between the serial port and Ethernet

●  High-speed synchronous serial data communication and conversion

●  Telemetry, measurement and control data acquisition and transmission 

●  Satellite, radio data transmission

●  Train Communication Network (TCN) Train Control and Monitoring System (TCMS)

●  ADS-B, Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR)

●  Air Traffic Control (ATC), Air Traffic Management (ATM)

●  Embedded application, Custom application


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