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CPCI/PXI bus Hi-Speed Synchronous Communication card Lauched



The Yacer SDLC-CPCI/PXI Hi-Speed Synchronous Serial Card, provides 4 high-speed RS-232/422/485 multiprotocol serial ports to support synchronous HDLC/SDLC protocol. One Gigabit Ethernet port, realizes protocol conversion between serial port and Ethernet, supports Ethernet bridge function via serial port.

Support Compact PCI 3U standard, support PXI bus specification, drive-free.



●  One 10/100/1000M Ethernet interface

●  4 synchronous/asynchronous serial ports, Maximum Baud rate up to 20 Mbps

●  Synchronous HDLC/SDLC, Asynchronous UART, Bit stream, etc.

●  NRZ, NRZI, DBPL, Manchester and Differential Manchester encoding formats

●  Super-long frame support, maximum frame length 8192 bytes

●  Compatible with CPCI 3U and PXI 3U specifications

●  Driver-free, without the host resources occupancy

2.  Applications


●  Protocol conversion between the serial port and Ethernet

●  Ethernet Bridging Through Serial Port

●  Conversion between synchronous and asynchronous serial ports 

●  Serial Port One Way Multiplexing

●  High-speed synchronous serial data communication and conversion

●  Telemetry, measurement and control data acquisition and transmission

●  Satellite, radio data transmission

●  Air Traffic Control (ATC), Air Traffic Management (ATM)

●  CPCI Bus Application and PXI Bus Application

In addition, CPCIe, PXIe synchronous communication products are also under planning.



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