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MVB-Analyzer Protocol Analyzer Launched


The Yacer MVB-Analyzer protocol analyzer provides MVB interface, 2-way extension interface and 2-way Ethernet interface. It can collect MVB frames of multi-function vehicle bus, synchronize HDLC frames, CAN frames, UART serial data, and send them to the computer through the Ethernet interface.


A subset of MVB-Monitor monitoring software is running on the computer, which enables statistical analysis of protocol data to find troubleshooting and evaluate MVB bus operation.


Industrial wide temperature, perfect isolation and protection, compact size, suitable for network communication of trains and locomotives.


On-board application CPU is used for secondary development by users to seamlessly integrate business software with communication software.



●  MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) Monitoring & Analysis

●  WTB (Wire Train Bus) Monitoring & Analysis

●  Synchonous HDLC Protocol Monitoring & Analysis

●  CAN Bus Monitoring & Analysis

●  MVB, WTB, HDLC, CAN to Ethernet interface conversion

●  Train Communication Network (TCN)

●  Train Control and Management System (TCMS)




●  MVB interface with two redundant lines, optional EMD or ESD+

●  The MVB interface complies to the TCN standard IEC61375

●  Two 10/100M Ethernet interfaces, with support for the Ethernet switching and dual-IP

●  X3 extended interface: Optional RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 serial port

●  X4 extended interface: Optional RS-422, RS-485 serial port or CAN bus

●  Serial port supports asynchronous UART, synchronous HDLC protocol

●  On-board application CPU for secondary programming

●  Perfect isolation and protection


●  Industrial wide temperature

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