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MVB Embedded Network Card Launch


The Yacer MVB-BOARD embedded MVB network card provides full-featured MVB bus interface, 2 Ethernet interfaces, asynchronous serial port, CAN interface to achieve protocol conversion between the above interfaces.

With small size and terminal interface design, it is especially convenient for users to integrate the system.

On-board application CPU is used for secondary development of on-board programming by users, and seamlessly integrates business and communication.


●  MVB redundant interface, support ESD+, EMD media interface

●  Compliance with IEC61375 standard

●  Two 10/100M Ethernet interfaces supporting Ethernet switching and dual IP functions

●  1  isolation extension interface, optional RS-422, RS-485 serial port or CAN bus interface

●  On-board application CPU for secondary development of on-board programming

●  Complete isolation and protection, industrial wide temperature

●  Easy integration: small size, terminal interface, 5 ~ 17V wide voltage power supply

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