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HDLC Synchronous Serial


We provide the most complete HDLC communication product portfolio, solutions and application experience for Air Traffic Control, Train Communication, Aerospace Measurement & Control and Avionics. 

Nanjing Yacer maintains continuous research and development on HDLC communication technology, launching new products while continuously improving their ease of use to help users build reliable HDLC communication systems in the shortest possible time.

  • HDLC-ATC Air Traffic Data Communication Server

    ●  2 or 3 10/100M Ethernet interface, with support for the Ethernet switching

    ●  4, 8, 16 synchronous HDLC serial ports, 2 of which support asynchronous UART

    ●  AC+DC or dual AC power supply redundancy

    ●  1U, 19-inch standard rack-mounted chassis


  • HDLC-TCMS Protocol Converter

    ●  Dual 10/100M Ethernet interfaces,Adopt M12 interface,train specific

    ●  Dual RS-485 synchronous and asynchronous serial ports with isolation

    ●  Optional RS-232/422/485 serial port or CAN bus for the expansion interface

    ●  Support the synchronous HDLC protocol & asynchronous UART 


  • HDLC-UART Isolate Embedded Module

    ●  Two Isolated RS-485/422 Serial Port

    ●  One UART extended interface

    ●  Support synchronous HDLC & asynchronous UART

    ●  NRZI, DBPL, Manchester and differential Manchester encoding formats

    ●  On-board application CPU for secondary programming

    ●  +5V power supply, low power consumption


  • HDLC-UDP Isolate Embedded Module

    ● One 10/100M Ethernet PHY interface, supporting UDP protocol

    ● Two Isolated RS-485/422 synchronous & asynchronous serial port

    ● One CMOS extended synchronous & asynchronous serial port

    ● All serial ports support synchronous HDLC and asynchronous UART working mode

    ● Encoding formats support NRZI, DBPL, Manchester and Differential Manchester

    ● +5V power supply, low power consumption


  • HDLC-USB Portable Protocol Converter

    ●  Single 10/100M Ethernet interface

    ●  Dual multi-protocol synchronous/asynchronous serial port

    ●  RS-232, RS-422, Rs-485

    ●  Full-duplex, Half-duplex

    ●  HDLC, TCMS, UART, Bit stream


  • HDLC-ETH Serial Ethernet Converter

    ●  Dual 10/100M Ethernet interface, supporting Ethernet switching, VLAN and dual-IP

    ●  Dual or quad RS-232 synchronous & asynchronous serial ports

    ●  Full-duplex, with the baud rate up to 250 Kbps

    ●  Support for the synchronous HDLC protocol, asynchronous UART



  • HDLC-LCM Low Power Communication Module

    ● 2x 10/100M Ethernet PHY interface 

    ● 4x serial port, support synchronous HDLC protocol, asynchronous UART

    ● Encoding format support NRZ, NRZI, DBPL, Manchester, differential Manchester

    ● Optional 1x CAN bus interface

    ● +3.3V power supply, low power consumption, industrial grade wide temperature

    ● 46.5 x 48 mm tiny size, 2.0 mm pin connector


  • HDLC-CPCI/PXI Synchronous Communication Card

    ●  Single 100M Ethernet interface

    ●  4 synchronous and asynchronous RS-422 / 485 serial port, rate up to 12 Mbps

    ●  Support synchronous HDLC, SDLC, asynchronous UART, Bit stream, etc.

    ●  Encoding format support NRZ, NRZI, DBPL, Manchester, differential Manchester

    ●  Compatible with CPCI 3U and PXI 3U specifications


  • HDLC-RSD Synchronous Serial Splitter

    ●  Baud rate up to 250 Kbps, support 64K, 128K, 9600, 19200, 38400, 115200, etc.

    ●  Support synchronous HDLC, asynchronous UART

    ●  No configuration, easy to use

    ●  1U, 19-inch standard rackmount chassis or compact chassis



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