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TRDP Communication

  • TRDP-ETH Dual Redundant TRDP Ethernet Card

    ●  Two 100M full-duplex Ethernet interfaces, supporting TRDP protocol;

    ●  One 100M adaptive Ethernet interface, supporting TCP/IP protocol;

    ●  One serial interface, supporting RS-232, RS-422;

    ●  Perfect isolation protection;

    ●  Industrial wide temperature.

  • TRDP-Analyzer Debugger

    ●  Implementation of TRDP PD Publish for multiple groups of ComId;

    ●  Implementation of TRDP PD Subscribe for multiple groups of ComId;

    ●  Real-time display of data;

    ●  Receiving and sending statistics.

    ●  Free Software.

  • TRDP-Gateway Protocol Conversion Gateway

    ●  Two 10/100M Ethernet interfaces, supporting TRDP and UDP

    ●  S1, S2 expansion interface: Two RS-485 serial ports with isolation

    ●  S3 expansion interface: Optional RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 serial port

    ●  S4 expansion interface: Optional RS-422, RS-485 serial port or CAN bus interface

    ●  Serial port supports asynchronous UART, optionally supports synchronous HDLC



  • TRDP-UART Micro Embedded Communication Module

    ●  One 10/100M Ethernet PHY, supporting TRDP and UDP

    ●  One UART expansion serial port

    ●  Optional one CAN bus interface

    ●  +3.3V power supply, low power consumption


  • TRDP-MVB Dual Network Communication Module

    ●  Two 100M Ethernet PHY, supporting TRDP and UDP protocol;

    ●  One MVB redundant interface 

    ●  Two expansion serial port, optional one CAN bus interface;

    ●  Open and flexible configuration management;

    ●  +3.3V power supply, low power consumption;

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