Yacer Introduction of MVB-ICM Isolated Embedded Communication Module [2020-12-01]
MVB Embedded Network Card Launch [2020-10-28]
MVB-ETH, MVB-UART, MVB-CAN Series Converter Launched [2020-10-15]
MVB-Analyzer Protocol Analyzer Launched [2020-07-20]
Smaller size, lower power consumption - - HDLC/SDLC embedded module new launch [2020-05-30]
Launch of WTB Bus-Ethernet Protocol Converter for Train [2020-04-08]
HDLC-BOARD Embedded Development Board Launched [2019-11-20]
CPCI/PXI bus Hi-Speed Synchronous Communication card Lauched [2019-07-20]
Launch of HDLC-TCMS Synchronous Serial Protocol Converter [2018-12-20]
Smaller and stronger! ---SDLC-SCM core board launched [2019-03-15]
Support ATC automation ABC three network redundancy - new version of HDLC-ATC-1600 launched [2018-07-28]
Breaking the 19.2k limit of radar distributor - 250kbps synchronous serial port splitter launched [2018-06-20]
New embedded communication module - HDCL-LCM-200 / 400 [2017-06-15]
HDLC-ETH Serial Ethernet converter upgrade [2017-10-10]
Small and tough – Yacer lauched high performance embedded communication module SDLC-HCM [2017-02-18]
ATC data communication server HDLC-ATC lauched —— Dual network dual power redundancy [2016-10-25]
Release of embedded communication module——Smaller size, lower power consumption [2016-01-01]
20Mbps ! —— Yacer Lauched Hi-Speed Serial Communication products [2015-12-18]
For TCMS communication of train and locomotive,the Yacer HDLC product support NRZI coding [2015-01-01]
Yacer released yacer-DMS configuration management software, free of learning and easy to operate! [2014-11-16]
New HDLC-ETH serial Ethernet converter launched [2014-08-15]
New HDLC-PCIE synchronous serial communication card launched [2014-06-20]
Yacer's USB powered portable multi protocol converter lauched [2013-11-08]


Through years of accumulation in air traffic control, train, aviation, aerospace and other industries, we have developed a full range of communication products that deeply fit the application scenarios of these industries, helping users quickly realize reliable dedicated communication, and making users more focused on there core business.

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We adhere to the continuous research and development of communication core technology, adhering to the development concept of "making communication as simple as a building block". While introducing new products, we continue to improve the usability of products, continuously reduce the learning curve, and help users complete the construction of dedicated communication system with minimum time cost.

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