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About us


Nanjing Yacer Technology Co.,Ltd (Yacer),Focus on independent research and development of communication core technology, provide special communication products and customized product development services for air traffic control, train locomotive, aerospace, satellite measurement and control industry users.

With a senior R & D team, Yacer adheres to the development concept of "making communication as simple as building blocks", continues to launch a series of communication product portfolio, and provides customized product R & D services to help industry users liberate from communication details, so that users can focus more on their core business.

Sub volume communication products have a wide range of long-term applications in various professional fields, thus accumulating communication application experience in various industries, which can help users choose the best communication scheme in the shortest time. Yacer also provides free trial service to reduce the risk and cost of users in the R & D stage.

In addition to the perfect after-sales technical support, Yacer launched the emergency spare parts first replacement service, and the main communication products can guarantee the long-term supply of more than 15 years, so as to solve the industry users' worries about the long-term operation guarantee.

Nanjing Yacer adheres to the corporate culture of "focusing on pragmatism and pursuing perfection", adheres to the strategy of "being integrated", is willing to be the stepping stone for users, and is committed to becoming the most reliable supplier and partner of special communication infrastructure.

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