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Free trial

Trial process:


1. Download and fill in the probation application form online (final signature and seal are required), and send it to;


2. Customer service will call you within 1 working day to confirm the trial product model and assist in handling the formalities;


3. Submit business license and other legal certificates;


4. Product delivery;


5. The probation period is about one month;


6. In case of technical problems, email our R & D Engineer for technical service;


7. If you find that the product function is not perfect, please contact the technical engineer for communication, so that we can improve and perfect the product;


8. Upon the expiration of the probation period, if you need to purchase, you can directly sign a supply contract;


9. If not required, return the product.


Please mail us to request the application form


Probation terms:


1. During the probation period, the probation unit shall not lend or lease the equipment to a third party.


2. The trial unit shall not disassemble the equipment for damage, so as to ensure that the equipment, accessories and packaging are intact.


3. In case of use failure due to product quality problems, the probation unit shall be exempted from liability. 


4. At the end of the trial period, if the trial unit fails to pay for the purchase, it must immediately return the trial product to the provider. 


5. Both parties agree that the fax of this application form has the same legal effect.

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