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Launch of HDLC-TCMS Synchronous Serial Protocol Converter

HDLC-TCMS is a protocol converter specially designed for the harsh environment of trains, including 2 series products:
The HDLC-TCMS-200 provides two RS-485 asynchronous serial ports and one expanded interface.
The HDLC-TCMS-400 provides two 100M Ethernet interfaces, two RS-485 asynchronous serial ports and two extended interfaces.


Implement protocol conversion between synchronous HDLC serial port, asynchronous serial port, CAN interface and Ethernet port, and provide perfect isolation protection.


●  Dual 10/100M Ethernet interfaces, with support for the Ethernet switching and dual-IP

●  S1, S2: Dual RS-485 synchronous and asynchronous serial ports with isolation

●  S3: Optional RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 serial port for the expansion interface

●  S4: Optional RS-422, RS-485 serial port or CAN bus for the expansion interface

●  All serial ports support the synchronous HDLC protocol & asynchronous UART 

●  NRZI, DBPL, Manchester and differential Manchester encoding formats

●  Complete isolation protection measures 

●  Industrial wide temperature




●  Conversion between synchronous and asynchronous serial ports 

●  Protocol conversion between the serial port and Ethernet 

●  Conversion between CAN bus and serial port

●  Conversion between CAN bus and Ethernet

●  Train Control and Monitoring System (TCMS)

●  Train Communication Network (TCN)

●  Embedded application


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