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Yacer Introduction of MVB-ICM Isolated Embedded Communication Module


The yacer MVB-ICM isolates embedded communication modules, provides full-featured MVB and 2-way extension interfaces, and implements protocol conversion between MVB and serial and SPI interfaces.

46.5 x 48mm micro size, 2.54mm pin connector.+5V power supply, low power consumption.Industrial wide temperature, suitable for embedded applications.

On-board application CPU is used for secondary development of on-board programming by users, and seamlessly integrates business and communication.

●  Full-featured MVB interface, supporting EMD and ESD+

●  The MVB interface fully complies to the TCN standard IEC61375

●  One UART extended interface

●  One SPI extended interface

●  On-board application CPU for secondary programming

●  +5V power supply, low power consumption


●  Small size, Industrial wide temperature

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